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Whether you’re a gardening perfectionist or an environmental advocate, current statistics and trends continue to show that a synthetic grass lawn can benefit not only your pocketbook, but also your lifestyle. Among the many benefits SGW synthetic grass has to offer, here are some of the most important and poignant reasons why you should make your yard a SGW synthetic grass yard:

  • Conserve water

    Over 50 percent of our water bill is dedicated to watering natural grass and many states across the nation are placing more water restrictions in residential and commercial areas. For every square foot of SGW synthetic grass installed, you can save up to 55 gallons of water, according to the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Help you and your communities save water while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment with SGW synthetic grass!

  • Save time and money

    When you install synthetic grass to your application, not only do you save thousands of dollars over the years, but you also save valuable time. Spend more time with family and friends and less time keeping up with your yard.

  • Low maintenance

    Forget the lawn mower and weed wacker! SGW synthetic grass requires minimal maintenance to maintain a beautiful ever-green yard. Just an occasional brush up, water spray and sanitary items for animals helps maintain your beautiful ever-green grass.

  • Reduce Non-point source pollution

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 65 million pounds of toxic fertilizers and lawn pesticides are released into the local water supply each year. With SGW synthetic grass, all of our products are safe and non-toxic! Keep harmful pesticides out of your water supply!

  • Maintain a beautiful looking yard all year long

    Never worry about brown patches and seasonal changes that require expensive treatments. Our synthetic grass is equipped with U.V. inhibitors that prevent your grass from fading. Our grass has a tuft bind which makes it very durable and able to handle all types of harsh weather conditions, as well.

Let's compare and contrast

Investment Comparison

The below tables explain how the synthetic lawn requires a little more investment initially but is the apparent winner in the long run. That's because it's much, much easier to maintain compared to natural lawn.

Initial investment

Synthetic Grass Natural Grass
Square Feet 1,200 1,200
Initial Installation Cost $9.00 $2.50
Initial Investment $10,800 $3,000*

Long-term cost break-down

Synthetic Grass Natural Grass
Annual Maintenance Year Annual Maintenance Month Year
Annual Power Brush $175 Irrigation $57 $684
ROI REALIZED IN APPX. 2.5 YRS. Fertilizer $8.50 $102
Chemical $8.50 $102
Irrigation Repair $15 $180
Mowing + Trimming $100 $1,200
Total $175 Total $189 $2,268
Year 1 $175 Year 1 $2,268
Year 2 $175 Year 2 $2,268
Year 3 $175 Year 3 $2,268
Year 4 $175 Year 4 $2,268
Year 5 $175 Year 5 $2,268
Year 6 $175 Year 6 $2,268
Year 7 $175 Year 7 $2,268
Year 8 $175 Year 8 $2,268
Year 9 $175 Year 9 $2,268
Year 10 $175 Year 10 $2,268
Year 11 $175 Year 11 $2,268
Year 12 $175 Year 12 $2,268
Total Cost $12,900 Total Cost $34,716

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